Our Founders

If one learns from past mistakes, then we are the most educated business owners we’ve ever met. As young, inexperienced entrepreneurs at the dawn of the internet, we took the fast lane from confident (perhaps even cocky) consultants to business leaders in a multi-billion dollar industry. Our headstrong approach to doing things our own way afforded us the opportunity to learn first hand what works and what doesn’t. After running an ecommerce company for 15 years, we’ve been there and we’ve done that. We’ve struggled and we’ve succeeded.

Our unique relationship and complementary skills have allowed us to live and work together successfully through the thick and thin of running businesses. But more importantly, we truly understand that enigmatic balance of working and living. We do that. With bad jokes and unrestrained honesty, we concurrently dream big, achieve goals, and find success.

We are grateful for our past experiences and have a deep passion for using our learnings to improve businesses around us. That’s how this whole thing started - we knew we could help others, and so we are.


Jeffrey White


Jeffrey specializes in business strategy and decision making, especially for the problems found at the cross-section of business processes and technology. A firm believer of departing from traditional IT consulting and the concept that one needs to spend outrageous amounts of money on enterprise systems, the term “hack job” is something Jeffrey affectionately accepts. He believes in the profit of essentialism and the application of a minimalist approach to technology.

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Kristina Nicolai-white


Kristina specializes in authentic branding, marketing, and tribe building. After spending her whole life in consumer-based businesses, she firmly believes in the power of marketing, sales, and loyal followers. An advocate for honesty and realness, she will always tell it like it is and believes that the most successful companies are those who present their true authentic selves. Her passion lies with people, and how the connections we all have with each other impact our everyday lives.

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