Our features and functionality.

The Implicit Portal is a business operations platform fully customized to your company’s needs. We help you identify not only the components of the portal that help you improve your business management, but also help identify choke-points in your processes that can be the silent chains that hold you from reaching your full potential as an organization and leader in your industry.



Communication in today’s business world requires fast and seamless integration with your business processes. By utilizing cloud-based platforms, the Implicit Portal gives you the ability to send and receive on multiple channels including phone, text messaging, fax, video conferencing, kiosk video-intercom systems, email and can even be extended to connect with social media chat systems. So whether you need to send out appointment reminders, check-in patients at a remote clinic, provide technical support to customers, or have a 100-person team video conference with employees from seven continents, you can get started with just a few clicks.



To be truly paperless, data acquisition and workflows need to start in a central location that’s easy to use, easy to access, and easy to report on. This combined with nearly limitless storage of corporate data, leaves the notion of using paper as something that will never cross your mind. If you need advanced features, such as digital signature capture, time-restrictive visibility, restricted access or even cache-less, in-app serving of sensitive or copyrighted data, it’s all built right into the Implicit Portal.



No matter what your business is, getting things done is how you move forward. The Implicit Portal combines its communication and reporting platform with simple and recurring tasks, contact management, digital signage and object-based workflows to keep everyone focused on the same goals. When used in conjunction with workflows in your business, tasks can be automatically triggered and assigned upon defined events, and reminder and completion emails can be delivered as needed.

Additional Features

Time and Pay periods

  • Time Clocks

  • Timesheets

  • PTO Earn-and-Use Tracking

  • Auto Review Period and Posting

  • Simple scheduling, extendable to fit the most complicated of business needs

User Management

  • Easy-to-Use Interface

  • Simple Security-Level Assignments

  • Integrated Profile Questions

  • User Profile Picture

  • Facial Recognition

  • Single-Sign On (SSO) Options

  • Digital signature capture for application on forms and other features

  • “My Account” features to allow self-service options as desired

  • Custom Reports with export capability

  • HR-related data tracking

  • Certification and Driver’s License tracking and expiration monitoring

complete phone system

  • Programmable routing based on Caller ID or other variables

  • Integrated Voice Response System

  • Configurable voicemail and fail-over routing

  • Call Recording for quality assurance or other reasons

  • Unlimited extensions, no per-extension cost

  • Call routing to physical phones, computers, landlines or cell phones

  • Utilize extensions, direct-dial numbers or a combination of both

  • Company, team or individual fax lines

  • Send and receive faxes directly through portal and/or email

Simple invoicing

  • Generate invoices automatically from time-tracking entries or other workflow processes

  • Simple credit card processing

Simple sign-up system

  • Easily create signups for a multitude of different purposes

  • Define number of slots with dates, times, and number of people per slot

  • Additionally define instructors or coordinators for slot, day, or overall

  • Attendance tracking

custom Form system

  • Custom Field Collections

  • Security-Restricted

  • Workflow Processing

  • Printable Versions

  • Can replace almost any form your company needs

Contact Management

  • Keep your contacts up to date

  • Share not only contact information, but additional custom metadata so that your entire team can be up-to-date when reaching out

Unified Dashboard

  • Upon logging in, see all of your most relevant data, tasks, and KPIs in one place

  • Custom layouts can be made based on team membership, security access, etc.

Contract creation and tracking with digital signatures

  • When needed, create client contracts on the fly and send them electronically for digital signature

Service Ticket System

  • SMS Integrated

  • Media Attachment

  • Team Based Response

Vendor Management

  • Integrated Contact System with one-click VoIP Dialing

  • Object-related assignment of vendors

Fleet Management

  • GPS Tracking of company vehicles and other assets

  • Maintenance schedule and tracking

  • Driver/Shift assignments

  • Vehicle profile and regulatory paperwork storage

Special-needs consumer management

  • Complete management system for nonprofit organizations providing assistance to special-needs consumers

  • Case Notes with approval process

  • Monthly Summaries with printable audit trails

  • Time and Expense Tracking

Extensive reporting system

  • Predefined and custom reports

  • Data can come from any and/or all sections of the system

  • Exportable in coded or decoded manners

remote Kiosk

  • Stand-alone kiosks with directory information

  • Remote check-in solutions with video connection to customer service representatives

text agent platform

  • Maintain consistent conversation with external numbers

  • External contact sees single number for consistency

  • Internal users see actual agent information and private notes


  • Can integrate with numerous other cloud systems through available APIs and other connection capabilities

Extranet portals

  • Provide access to specific components of your system to external agencies or vendors

  • Service Requests

Task management

  • User/Team Assignment

  • Recurring Tasks

  • SMS/Email Reminders

  • Object-Based Workflows

  • Custom Categories and Priority Levels

Continuing Education

  • Trackable Content Hosting

  • Graded Custom-Quiz System

  • Printable CE Credit system

Chore Tracking

  • Repetitive operational tasks can be defined for simple tracking

  • Task-Based Reminders to Staff

training course system

  • Internal, external, or sellable course system

  • Per-section student attendance and completion tracking

  • Course design separate from instance launch

  • Customizable feedback forms for students

Patient Management

  • Simple storage of demographic data

  • Alert management

  • Patient Care Plan and other misc. patient file storage

  • Intake form capabilities

  • HIPAA Compliant

Digital Signage

  • Use for rotating display to staff or customers

  • Can contain KPIs, task system status, shift assignments and scheduling, fleet locations, required employment signage or any other custom material desired.

  • Web-based; works on almost any configuration desired

Asset / inventory tracking

  • Maintain information on corporate assets in one place

  • Affix simple object tracking devices for positional history

  • Assign assets to users


  • Editable per-page site instructions for easy customization to your workflows and processes

  • Per-object logging for auditable change history

  • Shift / Incident Log Recording

Calendar and scheduling

  • Customizable to business needs

  • Give clients and prospectives the ability to select appointments

  • Resources scheduling capability for shared conference rooms and work spaces

  • Automate reminders for shared spaces to recapture time from cancelled meetings, appointments, etc.