Jeffrey T. White


Jeffrey specializes in business strategy and decision making, especially for the problems found at the cross-section of business processes and technology. A firm believer of departing from traditional IT consulting and the concept that one needs to spend outrageous amounts of money on enterprise systems, the term “hack job” is something Jeffrey affectionately accepts. He believes in the profit of essentialism and the application of a minimalist approach to technology.

Jeffrey has spent his entire life bending the world of computers to his will...coding community platforms at age ten, contacting tech companies at age twelve for equipment donations, and registering for his first business at age fourteen. That inner geek is still in his blood, but has progressed since then. Jeff has helped hundreds of businesses around the United States in a wide range of industries. He’s completed technology resets and server farm implementations for state governments and the US Department of Defense. He’s helped launch startups, conduct mergers and acquisition evaluations, restructured enterprises, lead strategic planning sessions, and also has been the guy that’s closed down businesses that no longer work.

He’s used all that experience to build his own team of consultants and technology to help each and every client find the solutions that are right for them. You’ll feel his passion for helping others succeed the minute you meet him.