Kristina Nicolai-White


Kristina specializes in authentic branding, marketing, and tribe building. After spending her whole life in consumer-based businesses, she firmly believes in the power of marketing, sales, and loyal followers. An advocate for honesty and realness, she will always tell it like it is and believes that the most successful companies are those who present their true authentic selves. Her passion lies with people, and how the connections we all have with each other impact our everyday lives.

Since Kristina can remember, she has been a creator. Born to an artistic family, visual and creative outputs have been incredibly rewarding for her. This love for art and finding beauty in ordinary things led her to a degree in Fine Arts and Art History which helped her understand visual storytelling. As an Art Director she has designed her own products, directed stage settings, conducted photo shoots, consulted on visual merchandising, designed an apparel collection, and the list goes on. Kristina’s unique background, paired with first hand, in the trenches, real experience as the founder of an online megasite that took her through fifteen years of ecommerce and community building, proves she’s not new to the concept of taking an early idea and doing things like growing it to over four million users.

Throughout her career, Kristina has taken her passion for being a fresh set of eyes - seeing things others may not see - as well as her understanding of human psychology, to successfully help others grow their business. An integral piece to the Implicit team puzzle, she’ll do whatever she can to help others pursue their dreams.