Simple Pricing

The ImplicitPortal is a fully configured and customized platform priced at costs that even the smallest of startups can afford. Our core mission lies in helping small-to-medium sized businesses and that has served for the foundation of our business, even when developing our pricing model.

The ImplicitPortal will be the foundation of your business operations and the return on investment you’ll experience will leave you wondering why you didn’t meet with us earlier.


Customization for Small-to-Medium Sized Businesses

Step 1: We review your business needs and objectives. Step 2: We suggest portal features that will best suit your needs. Step 3: We launch. Step 4: We build more features if your business requires it.

To get started: You fill out this form for an initial assessment (which, of course, will not cost you a dime). Prices begin at $500/month.


Pricing FAQs

Tell me up front, where are the hidden fees?
If you’re used to the hidden-fee approach of tele-comm companies out there, you’ll be confused by our up-front approach. You pay a simplistic monthly fee for the ImplicitPortal. If you take advantage of our VoIP system, you’ll pay just for your actual usage.

Is your platform pricing based on the amount of users that will have access?
No. The pricing is based on the general size and needs of the company.

How long am I committed for?
When you partner with us, we dedicate many of our resources to ensuring a successful launch and system that is well suited to your hopes and requirements. Our plans are based on annual commitments.

How does your pricing scale with my growth?
The ImplicitPortal is a tool designed to help you grow and operate more efficiently. As such, it only increases in cost after significant growth on your part.

What if I need something your platform doesn’t have?
The ImplicitPortal is designed with expansion and customization in mind. No matter the need, we can help you design an add-on or modification to the ImplicitPortal that fills the objective. In most cases, we charge a nominal one-time customization fee and there is no increase to your monthly rate.

How do I get started?
We like to start with a quick conversation! Reach out to us here and we’ll get together to show you some of the best parts of the portal that could help you and your organization.