Who We Are

We are a team of IT and business consultants that have created custom cloud solutions for businesses for thirty years. We have brought together the best of the best from both a human brain perspective as well as a feature perspective to serve you with ideas, problem solving, and a platform that will become the foundation for your business operations. More…

What Our Portal Can Do For You

The portal is a coagulator of cloud technologies to provide an inexpensive, customized, and unified platform upon which to operate a business. It brings together communications, accountability, and defined workflow and processes in a single system. It also allows for infinite expansion through custom modules that meet individual client needs.


Businesses today must have the ability to easily communicate with their customers, vendors and staff through email, phone, text, fax, instant messaging, web or encrypted smoke signals. We integrate every method you need into your workflows and processes to automate and facilitate the conversation.

Go Paperless.

Aside from the obvious benefits of less paper, ImplicitPortal is designed to take all processes online to not only eliminate filing and waste, but to reduce reentry of data while making information available everywhere, all the time. Easily collect, share, archive, interrogate, manipulate and archive documents and data.

task and status tracking
with accountability

Let’s face it: status meetings suck. ImplicitPortal eliminates the need for the mundane portions of it. Automated tasks, integrated time-stamping, reaction reporting, workflow triggers and read-only automated logging provide all of the wash-rinse-repeat portions of management without any additional effort.

I truly had no idea how much time I lost to the way I was doing things. Using the ImplicitPortal allowed me to double revenue in just a few months by allowing everything to be automated, enabling my employees to self-manage their tasks and processes and by having a communication system that allowed me to manage from anywhere in the world.
— Thomas Bouchard, TDM Inc.