The leadership team.

Implicit Technologies is made up of intelligent and experienced business consultants that brought first-class people together to create first-class technology. Our extensive knowledge of development and problem-solving, paired with our background leading businesses in different industries, has allowed us to create not a technology platform, but your custom solution. We ensure your business is running at top-notch efficiency so you can focus on the things that matter. The Implicit Portal is the foundation for your business operations. Meet a few team members behind the madness…


Jeffrey White
founder & chief executive officer

Jeffrey specializes in business strategy and decision making, especially for the problems found at the cross-section of business processes and technology. A firm believer of departing from traditional IT consulting and the concept that one needs to spend outrageous amounts of money on enterprise systems, Jeffrey has spent his entire life finding and building inexpensive solutions for his clients. He believes in the profit of essentialism and the application of a minimalist approach to technology. He has helped hundreds of businesses around the United States in a wide range of industries. A fearless leader and a good human, Implicit Technologies is his proverbial baby.


jillian bichanich
chief operating officer

Jillian has worked in a number of different roles that helped shaped her business-first mentality: project management, marketing, account management, product strategy, partnerships, and sales. Her background has afforded her a keen understanding of the intricacies of business, as well as insight into the direct impact of successful technology on an organization’s bottom line. A true leader and passionate mentor, Jillian is a firm believer in people and has been given awards for her dedication to elevating development opportunities for young professionals.


jesse kunes
Chief Marketing OFficer

Jesse blends relationship building and business know-how to drive strategy. He has an intuitive feel for the fit of the technology with today’s business application. By implementing proven methodologies and industry best practices, he guides clients through initial project development, project management, and client service management, leaving a trail of successful projects and satisfied clients. His specialties include strategic business planning, management system integration, information systems, and technology design and implementation.


TJ ninneman
Chief technology officer

In the field, TJ is a full-stack, hardware-to-cloud engineer with a passion for taking on and solving extremely difficult technology problems for clients. Leveraging modern cloud technologies, he has built IoT systems that support hundreds of thousands of devices and handle billions of checkins per month. As CTO and a staunch pragmatist, he believes in always using the right tool for the job at hand, not what is necessarily “trending,” but has been proven as a good fit for your needs. From the beginning of a project, he takes a top-down, whole system view ensuring systems can be built quickly and cost effectively while being scalable and resilient.


Kristina nicolai-white
Co-founder & Chief brand officer

Kristina specializes in authentic branding, marketing, and tribe building. After spending her whole life in consumer-based businesses, she firmly believes in the power of marketing, sales, and loyal followers. An advocate for honesty and realness, she will always tell it like it is and believes that the most successful companies are those who present their true authentic selves. Her passion lies with people, and how the connections we all have with each other impact our everyday lives. Her successful history in assessing new and existing businesses and identifying a clear roadmap has helped dozens of businesses to launch and grow beyond expectation.